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Vegas Baby!

Guess where I am? Ok, so the title sort of gave that away. I’m in VEGAS BABY! I hadn’t mentioned it before as honestly, I […]

Vegas Baby! – Day One…..

I’m actually just at the end of day two as I write this. But over in the UK you’re in the middle of the night […]

Vegas Baby – Day Two

I hoped to get chance to write this before I left. But obviously I didn’t, so here it is! I’m back on English soil now, […]

Vegas Baby! – The trip home

Ok, this is my last post on Vegas, I promise! Day Three wasn’t even a full day, but it felt like I needed a round […]

Hi Tech Fitness

Back in January I was lucky enough to be able to go to CES in Las Vegas and while I was there I made a […]

Vintage Hair Styling Tips from Actual Professionals

I get emails a lot telling me about amazing interviews and tips that I might like to publish. Generally I don’t as they are always […]

100 Happy Days

I’m feeling pretty darn moany at the moment. I’ve had the evil death cold from hell since before New Year, hell, it started in a […]

Cocktails with Bettie Page

Last night I took my new dress out for cocktails. Ever since I came back from Las Vegas it’s been hung on the back of […]

Retro Chick Goes Back to the Future

Remember back in July when I *didn’t* go to Secret Cinema? Well on Friday night I finally made it! It’s all thanks to Lenovo UK, […]

Mad Men, Burlesque, Bohemia and Countryside

Don’t ever let anyone tell you there’s nothing to do in Norwich. Monday morning has come around again after a hugely busy and fun packed […]

Reflections and Highlights 2014

Every year I write a little post about the Highlights of my year. I have no idea if anyone reads them, but I’ve spent this […]

A Break With Tradition and a Year in Frocks

Happy New Year! Over the last couple of years I have started a little tradition that I totally intended to be what I did every […]