About Me

My name is Gemma and I’m a qualified personal trainer based in Norwich, UK.

I was never sporty at school, spending PE lessons hiding in the changing rooms and it wasn’t until well into my 30s that I learned to stop focusing on exercise as a way to improve how my body looked, and start focusing on what my body can do.

Never a natural athlete, when I took up running in my early 30s I spent a lot of time with niggling injuries. I started to learn about cross-training and sports nutrition as I found it impossible to find advice that didn’t focus solely on weight loss or “toning”. I took up the sport of Roller Derby, having not roller skated in 20 years, I discovered I loved weight lifting and that “training” rather than “exercising” gave me a purpose that helped me finally fall in love with getting sweaty.

I know how hard it can be to get started on an exercise program and how intimidating gyms can be.

Mastering a tricky technical exercise, or smashing a personal best in the squat rack feels amazing and I love it when clients tell me that their training has a carry over into their sport or everyday life.

I try and take the focus off aesthetics, and focus on getting strong and feeling great. Whether you want to work out once a week or every day, I can help you design a program that achieves your goals and encourage you to push your limits and learn to love sweaty.

You can buy one-to-one training packages directly through my website and book in your first session online. I will then drop you an email with an initial consultation before we meet.

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Alternatively, if you’ve got questions, or just want to chat then you can contact me via the website, or through Facebook or Instagram!