One to One Training

Block book 4 x 1-hour sessions (1 per week)

Introductory price £80 (£20 per session first 4 weeks)
Then £100 (£25 per session)

Booking sessions in blocks of 4 allows us to get to grips with your goals and design a plan to progress across the weeks. The first week will be an assessment week where we’ll discuss your goals, your fitness experience and complete a light workout to assess your current fitness levels and check for any imbalances.

All sessions are tailored to you, and include recommendations for home workouts, goal setting and habit tracking if needed.

Click the button below to book your first block of 4 sessions for just £20 a session. Future blocks of 4 sessions will be £25 per session. Once you’ve booked your block you can book your first session using the online calendar.

Future packages and session bookings can all be managed via the online portal and app.

Want to work out more often?

Packages are also available to book for 2 sessions a week and 3 sessions a week in 4-week blocks. If you have unused sessions because of other commitments they can be rolled over to subsequent weeks.

Click the buttons below to buy your package and use the code LOVEPT to get your first block for £20 per session.


I only take a limited number of clients to ensure I can provide fully personalised sessions. My client roster is currently full, but please click here to send me an email and join my waiting list.